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The origins of AgentCONNECT are closely intertwined with the inception of HomeAdvantage. This transformative journey began with the establishment of Team HOME ADVANTAGE in 2006. Comprising a cadre of accomplished real estate professionals, the team quickly garnered a reputation as the go-to resource for leading corporations and respected medical centers across the the country.

Central to Team HOME ADVANTAGE's offerings was the HOME ADVANTAGE program, which provided corporate employees with a tailored real estate benefits program. This innovative initiative empowered employees to navigate real estate transactions with significant savings, whether they were involved in property acquisitions or sales. The program's success underscored its relevance and value in an ever-evolving real estate landscape.

As time progressed, the foundation laid by HomeAdvantage paved the way for a new phase of growth and evolution, leading to the birth of AgentCONNECT. This transition signified not only a change in name but also a culmination of accumulated experience, strategic insights, and unwavering dedication.

AgentCONNECT continues to build upon the legacy of HomeAdvantage, offering a comprehensive third-party referral network that connects preapproved buyers from partner lenders with local real estate agents. This symbiotic relationship benefits both buyers and agents alike, with buyers enjoying substantial rebates on agents' commissions, while agents receive referrals and contribute to a thriving network.

In summary, the journey from HomeAdvantage to AgentCONNECT is a testament to the dynamic nature of the real estate industry and the commitment to innovation and excellence. This evolution underscores the deep-rooted expertise that continues to drive the success of AgentCONNECT's mission in creating meaningful value for clients and agents alike.

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